Day 1: Arrival at Klagenfurt, Ljubljana or Graz airports and transfer to Jamnica
You can either arrange a private transfer or take the train to the nearby town of Bleiburg where we can pick you up free of charge and take you to your first night accommodation in Jamnica. Here you will have your introductory meeting with details about the walking tour. From Ljubljana, we suggest private transfer as the best option.
Accommodation: half board at EcoHotel Koroš.

Day 2:  Jamnica - Mt. Peca
Today is a beautiful walk into the Alps with a good warm-up climb on Mt. Peca (2,126 m), the highest peak in the Southern Alps.
Walking 19.5 km
Accommodation: mountain hut (1,665 m)

Day 3:  Peca  – Koprivna – Olševa
The mountains of Carinthia, where our tour starts today, are significant for the white colour of their sun-lit rocks and the softness of the hillsides. The peaks are therefore offering relaxing views of the quiet valleys, the dark green of the vast forests and the fleeting sparks of water droplets.
The highlights of today are the beautiful views from the panoramic road  and the highest farms in Slovenia.
Walking:   19.5 km,  + 750 m 
Accommodation: tourist farm (1,230 m)

Day 4:  Olševa – Pavličevo sedlo
The Solčava district lies at the upper end of the Savinja river, surrounded by high mountains. These highlands and valleys have a rather marked Alpine climate. The vegetation hereabouts is adapted to the climatic conditions. The lower slopes are covered by forest, mostly spruce and beech, but here and there also with fir, pine and the larch, which grow right up to the tree line; one can also find patches of dwarf pine growing above this line. The oldest traces of human habitation in this region reach back into the Paleolithic era. Bones belonging to man and cave bear from the Stone Age were discovered within the Potočka Zijalka Cave under the Olševa ridge.
Highlights are the Solčava mountain panoramic road which is one of the most beautiful in the Slovenian Alps.
Walking: 11 km, + 280m.
Accommodation: tourist farm (1,100m)

Day 5: Pavličevo sedlo – Jezersko
On this day, you will cross the border into Austria and walk across two mountain passes to the mountain village of Zgornje Jezersko. The highlights is the small mountain lake at Jezersko.
Walking: 16 km, + 650 m.
Accommodation: small hotel

Day 6: Jezersko – Konšca ( Pr'Tič)
From Jezersko you will walk across the mountain pass to the Karavanke range. This part is one of the most demanding ones of the entire tour. The hike across the mountain pastures of Konšča shows us the way of life in the hills and leads us to a mountain farm called Pr' Tič. Today, the route navigation is a little more complex and the terrain high in the mountains so on the independent trip you also have a mountain guide for today’s walk.
Walking: 17 km, + 800 m
Accommodation: tourist farm

Day 7: Pr'Tič - Tržič – Brezje
The first part of this day's tour will take you to the Dovžan Gorge, which is situated in the heart of the Karavanke mountain range. The rapids of the “Tržiška Bistrica” have been excavating a deep gorge for centuries uncovering stones that bear witness to a long and interesting geological history. The path uncovers various stones and fossils from the ancient times – Palaeozoic – among which special attention should be devoted to the spherical porous Schwagerina carniolica and to a series of Brachiopoda, first found in the Dovžan Gorge. At the end of the 19th century, Baron Born ordered that a a tunnel be built, which opened the hinterland of the Dovžan Gorge to the rest of the world. Before the tunnel was built, the locals had crossed the river across a reed suspension bridge, which was often destroyed by deep water. That dangerous bridge was called »The Devil's Bridge«.
Highlights today are the Dovžan Gorge, the old town centre of Tržič and the Museum of Tržič with its  exhibition entitled "Mammoth hunters".
Walking: 15 km, + 300 m.
Accommodation: B&B at a tourist farm.

Day 8: Brezje - Departure to Bled.
The famous town of Bled is not far away - approx. 15 km . You can take the public bus or taxi to Bled and stay some extra nights. From Bled, you can easily take a train back to your chosen airport.


Price: 790 €

 - 7 x B&B, hotels, inns, tourist farms and mountain hut
 - 6 x dinner (except the last night)
 - Information Package
 - Luggage transfer
 - 1-day guided walk

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