In the Slovenian Alps, there are numerous areas of wilderness to explore. They are hidden among the valleys and mountains, and the forests hide a range of rare European wildlife, including brown bear. The tour is a combination of ascents and descents following the mountain roads, old forest trails and some single tracks, and it includes all aspects of what makes these mountains such an exciting area for mountain bikers. The tour mainly follows vehicle-width dirt roads. Most tracks are a combination of hard-pack sand and gravel; there are some short single track sections, and emphasis is put on the downhill. In some sections (30% of the tour), we follow quiet tarmac roads. Some short sections may require pushing.

If you want to enjoy our trip, it is enough to be reasonably fit, confident and comfortable on your mountain bike. Some longer daily distances and technical trails require higher fitness levels and off-road experience. Average daily riding time is 5 hours, 80% with vehicle support.

                                    NOMAD TOUR GRADE

The standard is a double bed accommodation, always with a private bathroom. If you travel alone and wish to share accommodation, we try to find you a roommate of the same sex. If that is not possible, a single room supplement will apply. A limited number of single rooms is available on each trip. Our prices are based on double bed accommodation, single room in some places are not possibile.

On the tour, we have picnic lunches or we stop at tourist farms for lunch. Dining is one of the joys of travelling and our dinners are social events, a chance to share adventures with one another. We devote attention to the regional cuisine in most places.

The average daily distances are calculated and rated as moderate or challenging. The leaders brief you about the daily schedule every morning. On each day of the tour, you have a choice of kilometre options. You may go for the most challenging option on one day and take it easy on another, choosing the shortest route and allowing more time for relaxed exploration The group may spread out for several kilometres and individuals may opt to set off solo. For your peace of mind, one leader covers the route in a van, ready to offer assistance. It is up to you to decide how far you want to go. You will normally spend four to eight hours cycling daily, depending on the kilometre option you choose and the pace you set.

Two English speaking leaders are assigned to each group. One drives the support van, sweeping the route several times a day, providing lifts and assistance to riders as needed. Another leader bikes with guests, moving between groups travelling at different speeds. Our bike tour leaders are competent bike mechanics and are equipped to assist you with repairs and maintenance.

Riders of a range of abilities participate in most of our tours, so there will usually be someone travelling at your pace. This makes it an ideal arrangement for friends and couples, who can spend the day with similarly fit travellers and then reunite in the evenings. Small group sizes (4 - 10)  participants plus the guide and the driver) guarantee personal approach, which takes into accpount the different riding skills and physical condition.

The tour is supported by a van with a trailer. The van is equipped with tools, spare parts and the first aid kit. The van transports all luggage between inns. You only need to carry clothing and personal items for the day. The support vehicle is always near the group in case a weary traveller needs a lift.

The detailed schedules are indicated on the itinerary. We can assist you by planning your transfer from the airport to the starting point. For your convenience, we provide optional transfer - a van shuttle from the airport to the meeting place and back. Prior booking is required for van transfers.




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