Our mountain bike park is about 400 million years old. The truth is that it hasn't always looked like it does today: the wooded Smrekovec used to be a volcano, while waves from the ancient ocean Tetis crashed against the rocky side of Mt Peca.

Traces of the first visitors were found in a cave beneath the ridge of Mt Olševa. Thirty thousand years ago, primitive inhabitants hunted deer and bears in this park. The steep slopes, long distances and boredom of autumn nights all played their part in the hunters' invention of the mountain bike.

We cannot find these first bicycles as they were made of dreams. However, the image of these primitive people on their bicycles still lies deep inside us. They might have seen the drawings of the war dance somewhere on the other side of the western mountains, but it was them who added wheels to the drawings.

Today the ghosts of these warriors frequently watch over solitary mountain bikers in our park and show those most daring the paths they had ridden to chase the now long-extinct cave bears.



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An awesome weekend building trails and sharing experiences. Thanks to all for helping us build a new trail.
[ENG] Past couple of days we were part of Slovenia's first Trail building weekend, where majority of Slovenia's trail builders gathered to share their experience, knowledge, to get to know each other (their work) and to share their passion. The result was an old-school working brigade with a brand new, awesome, all-mtn trail through the woods, where one of the Black Hole Enduro stages is held. Most definitely this new trail is a part of BHBF guided singletrack tours! For the smooth Trail building weekend we thank organisations: www.odprimopoti.si/, Alliance ASE and local Mountain bike nomad. Thumbs up! [SLO] Za nami je Trejl bilding vikend v Jamnici. Dogajalo je na vseh področjih, od predavanj, posveta slovenskih trejl bilderjev, do prave delovne brigade v gozdu. Vzdušje vrhunsko, rezultat dela množice pridnih rok pa nov trail v gozdu, kjer poteka Black Hole enduro. Nov trail boste lahko v okviru festivala preizkusili na vodenih turah ali bike testih! Za dobro organizacijo Trejl bilding vikenda so zdužili moči Odprimopoti.si, Alliance in pa lokalni Mountain Bike Nomad. Še več takih!

WEBCAM: View from Mt. Peca to Jamnica